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12/26/2017 Photo Videos

I can't put into words how I feel about the work you do. You took a photo that no one else wanted to touch, because it had soo much water damage and was soo very old and made it come alive!! It was if I could reach out and touch my Mom

- Rebecca L. Compton from Washington Twp.

11/15/2017 Home Movie Transfer

An old rusty box given to Al to work his magic. Outcome, a lifetime of fond memories!! In today's world so nice working with someone who loves his job and values his customers.

- George and Marcia Alter from Leonard

11/10/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Pure Excellence. From start to finish, i was completely impressed with Al's customer service, expertise, knowledge

- Eden from

11/07/2017 Photo Videos

I wanted to add, Al has repaired damaged photos, transferred from VHS to DVD, and made them look even better, VHS and and stills that are about 30 years old. The portrait of my parents is 47 years old and sat in poor wet conditions for 16 years! My children and grandchildren will get to see my parents portrait for the first time in years, when they open it as a Christmas gift. We are Blessed with 4 children, 11 grandchildren, last three triplets! Thanks again Al!

- Rebecca Compton from Washington Twp.

11/07/2017 Photo Videos

I have know Al for 5 years now. I trust him with all my memories and he has never disappointed me. My parents had a portrait done in 1970. When they passed, it was stored in a basement, then a garage. when I went thru things, 16 years later, I found a ton of 8mm film which was from when I was 7, he put it to music and on a DVD and it was beautiful! Then I found the water damaged and color faded portrait. I gave it to Al in grave shape. When he brought it back and unveiled it, I broke down in tears! It was as if my parents were standing in front of me, like I could touch them. If you value your memories and want to preserve them, please go to Al. I would trust him with anything of importance or value to me. Thank you Al.

- Rebecca Compton from Washington Twp.

07/06/2017 Video Services

Just wanted to thank Al for a great job he did preparing and delivering awesome video services. He met with me, listened and provided excellent services in a timely manner and the result was a very professional video incorporating our pictures, requested music. I highly recommend anyone needing this services to contact Al. You won't be disappointed !!

- Steve H from Macomb

04/20/2017 Photo Videos

Today is the one year anniversary of my father's passing. I thank Al that our family has the dvd he prepared for our father's funeral. He was able to put slides, pictures and usb files all together onto one dvd with music. He captured the memories in a beautiful way that all of us will treasure forever. Friends and family are still commented on how nice the dvd was at the funeral. Al worked very hard in just 2 days to make this special to honor my father. Thank you Al!

- Lynn Krause from Brighton

11/29/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I had some old 16 mm video's I needed to transfer to DVD's. Al did an amazing job. The videos were from the 1940's. They came out very clear and the colors were so vivid. I would recommend Al's Home Video Studio to friends and family. He was extremely patient and was very careful with the old films. I have more films to transfer and will definitely go to Home Video Studio again!

- Suzanne Vitale from New Baltimore

12/26/2014 Video to DVD

Had a great experience with Al. Our wedding video VHS tapes had been damaged for a number of years. Al was able to repair the tapes and move them to DVD. He did it very quickly and went out of his way to get everything back in time to make it a gift by our anniversary. Our family has already enjoyed watching the new DVD's - Al not only transferred them to DVD but created an index which allowed us to move around through the DVDs. I would definitely use Al again!!

- Frank from Garden City

09/09/2014 Video Services

Al to the rescue! My 25 year old high school VHS tapes were impacted by the August flood. When they were recovered from the water & sewage, I immediately submerged them in clean water and left them there until I was able to get them to Al to retrieve and copy to DVD. Within a week, Al was able to provide me with DVDs each all 7 tapes! My kids loved to watch my old gymnastics tapes, etc. Al's attention to detail, sense of urgency and overall good business practices is top notch. Use him for ALL your video needs!

- Karen from Beverly Hills

09/04/2014 Video to DVD

Al is a Godsend. My basement flooded and my high school graduation video from 20 years ago was soaked. He told me to keep it in water and days later he had recovered it on DVD. I was able to watch it with my 5 year was important because I was the valedictorian. He's touched my life and family forever!

- Anita from Royal Oak

08/16/2014 Home Movie Transfer

We have gone to Al several times over the years to have home super 8 movies and slides put on DVDs or matter what job we have given him the end products have been great. It is difficult to leave our treasured memories with someone but we are always confident that Al will take good care of our items. Some of our movies belonged to my Dad and were over 50 years old. He handled them with care and presented us with DVDs of family gatherings that we haven't seen in years. He has always made us extra copies that we can share with other family members.

- Anne Berglund from New Baltimore

12/10/2013 Video to DVD

I had a precious VHS video of our son in an important baseball game . The VHS became damaged and we were heartbroken as this was the only copy we had. I found Mr. Ornelas on line. He was kind, quick, inexpensive, and did a great job! Our video is now on DVD, it was repaired wonderfully. We recommend Mr. Ornelas highly - rarely do we meet someone who takes such care to do a great job. GRATEFUL for this!! Thank you!!!

- Tom from Grosse Pointe Farms

10/24/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I am so pleased and happy with Al's work he did on our films and transferring DVD's from different regions. His quaility and prices are unbeatable. This quality for the prices is a steal. We highly recommendanyone who has important videos to traasfer go to Al. He also has a way to make you feel comfortable. He really listens to what it is you want him to do. Al is a true professional.

- Rose from Sterling Heights

10/24/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I have entrusted Al with the treasures of our family, all of our 8mm film from our childhood and my parents early years. We so pleased that I went back for more. Al was able to edit and reproduce the DVD for other family members who are also so pleased with the quality of his work, they are now bringing all of ther film treasures to Al. I have had the opportunity to view other peoples work and I can say that Al Ornelas's work if far superior to anything I have seen before. I can honestly say that the DVD quality ois better than the actual film itself. Not only is Al's work professionally and impeccably well done, but is is a true professional. He really knows how to treat customers and make them feel welcomed and well-attended. He is nice, kind and affable. Since taking my familaya film treasures to him, I have had a multitute of various types of video work and have been highly pleasae with everything he has done. I highly recommend everyone stop wasting time going anywhere else and go straight to Al Ornelas for any and all Video needs.

- Maria from Shelby Twp.

10/19/2012 Video to DVD

I went to Albert during a very sad time in my famiy. I just randomly found his ad online. Albert went out of his way to make sure that my video was ready in time. He was so kind and patient and i hope that he realizes how much his kindness was appreciated.

- Maria from Warren

07/17/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Al and his crew did a most outstanding job transferring my sound concert films and personal films. I will be sending him the rest of my movies to transfer. I am absolutely 100% satisfied!!!

- Jeff Booth from Ann Arbor

08/28/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Hello, Al! Thank you so much for our amazing video. As anticipated, my Mom cried at the sight of her sisters wedding. I dont remember playing at my 6th grade graduation so that was a big surprise for me. Thank you for making this birthday memory so special for my entire family! Musically yours, Kimberly Becker

- Kim Becker from Macomb

06/03/2011 Home Movie Transfer

My Dad died in 1972 and I had very little to remember him by, so when I found two 16mm reels marked with his handwriting I knew I had to find a way to view and preserve them. From the moment I met him, I knew Al was the right one for the job. Transferring the images to DVD, Al not only created a masterpiece of restoration. He took a personal interest, and realized how important these memories were to me and my family. If you are looking for superior craftsmanship, caring and honesty I don't think you could find anyone better.

- Susan Fullar from Detroit

10/28/2010 Video Production

I videotaped 43 short clips of the nursing staff on my unit. I gave the video clips and music to Al and he turned it into a masterpiece!! Everyone on my unit loves our video. It has been shown to the senior management at my hospital and the video is also being placed on our employee intranet. So now every Oakwood Hospital employee will be able to see it. Al is a supreme professional and he really cares and loves the work he does. I will be recommending him to everyone!

- Debbie Johnson from Romulus, MI

07/01/2010 Video to DVD

Al repaired my damaged digital-8 tape and had it working like new. He understood the value of my family memories and even made an archive copy just in case the tape failed. Al truly exceeded my expectations. He is professional, competent and offers an incredible level of service. And he's a very nice guy!

- Mike from Grosse Pointe Woods

05/15/2010 Home Movie Transfer

I took all my home movies to Al to have them put on DVD and he did an excellant job. Very resonably priced and wonderful people. I am very satisfied with their work you can tell he cares about the job he does. Thank you Al

- Sandy from Lenox

05/08/2010 Duplications

I sent Mr. Ornelas a faded ripped picture from the 1920's era. I asked him to repair the photo which was truly in very bad shape. He did the work in an extremely timely manner. The original was so bad that it is beyond repair although Mr. Ornleas did a very credible job in restoring it to a much better condition and shape than it was before he received it. I was extremely satisfied with his work and hope you will consider him for your video needs as he does very good work.

- Bill Wharton from Sterling Heights Mi

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